Duracell were acquired by Berkshire Hathaway from P&G in 2016. The brand has a retail offer on dedicated and shared fixtures in various retail locations.


Duracell’s existing display opportunities within various retailer stores lacked shopper engagement, with little brand standout and shopper education and communication. 

Helping to increase Eden’s portfolio for brand focused projects. 

New designs required for impulse and gondola end units, providing Duracell with a vehicle to develop their brand image and standout in high traffic areas of stores.

The design must deliver in terms of brand materials and look and feel. Product loading is paramount, however opportunity to create space for communication, navigation and education.

Budget constraints with simple functionality are an important consideration for this form of display.

HFSS legislation opening opportunities for new product placements within stores.

Obtaining dedicated space within a retailer.

Investment in fixtures rather than product.

Aging product technology.

Retailers need visuals and prototypes before they will buy into the investment.


Sketch ideas and design concepts.

Merchandising and product-zoning advice.

Photo-realistic renders.​

Event materials for Duracell’s retailer roadshow.


Production rollouts for Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and B&Q. Which has resulted in increased sales and profit for both Duracell and the end retailer.