Bringing solutions
for stores of the future

Smart retail solutions

EDEN is a part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Marmon is a global association including more than 100 companies in 30 countries around the world.

Thanks to the strong financial background of one of the world’s largest companies specialised in supplying the retail sector, we’re able to guarantee stability, reach,
and comprehensive resources for the needs of any retail outlet.

We offer standard as well as custom solutions in store design, bespoke shelving units, merchandising, shop-in-shop, POP, and digital solutions.


Our culture

We’re an international group with business divisions operating in several European countries. We’re proud of our diversity, positive outlook, and shared desire to be the best in our field. Our large team of trusted, loyal employees, who have stayed with Eden for many years, demonstrates our proud record of employee satisfaction.

Investing in people

Through training programmes and initiatives in the field of personal development, we want to make it possible for each employee to fulfil their ambitions and show that their future is with us.

​By creating an open culture in which everyone has a say, we’re constantly supporting sustainable growth and prosperity.

Spending time together – even out of work

We’re a team, and if we have an opportunity to meet outside work, we grab it with both hands. No matter if this is for a cooking class, finding a way out of an escape room, or regular Wales vs. England quizzes – we never need any persuasion!

We engage in charity work and with local communities

Wherever we are, we never forget that we’re part of a local community.

​We provide regular support to local associations and charities. Projects receiving our support are always selected in cooperation with local colleagues. We also actively participate in local schemes to help improve our environmental surroundings.

Our approach to supporting your objectives


In our work we try to anticipate and understand your needs. From the current requirements you’re facing today, to far-off matters of the future – we’re ready for everything.

Taking care

Your success is our success. We’re your reliable partner, so familiarisation with the task specifications is only the beginning for us. We always go the extra mile.

Delivering solutions

We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. This is the essence of our services. We never forget the trust you place in us. We work reliably, promptly, and always focus on fulfilling your objectives.