Eden & Trade Fixtures: Two brands with one goal of clean, sustainable food merchandising 

The circular Refill System
– currently tested in UK

EcoCycle™ Dispenser and the Refill Coalition make it simple for grocers to sell package-free, bulk food products without the hassle of filling, cleaning or managing bulk bins.

  • Standardized vessel for less labor demands
  • Innovative dispenser for a perfect fit on vessel
  • Offsite cleaning to reduce labour instore
  • Hygienically sealed, ensuring food safety and shelf life
  • Optimized for logistics for a hassle-free process
  • Large-scale waste and carbon reduction
  • Designed to scale quickly

Superior packaging, consistently stored and sealed, ready to use

Superior cleanliness and reduced risk for contamination or infestation

Superior reliability, reduce incidents of spills or product mix-ups


The product is currently only being tested in the UK.

Contact your sales representative for more information.




The Process is Simple 

  • Employee loads pre-filled vessels onto in-aisle fixture
  • Customers easily fill their container
  • Empty vessels are stored in back-of-store for pickup
  • Empty vessels are picked up, sanitized & delivered to next store



EcoCycle™ Dispenser


  • Innovative dispenser
  • False front display
  • Agitation technology
  • Portion wheel
  • Continuous flow
  • Flexible Label holder


+ Better functionality

+ Better visibility

+ Better customer experience




EcoCycle™ Fixture



  • Refill assist shelf
  • Pull-out work surface
  • Built-in scale
  • Paper bag storage
  • Customizable layouts


+ Easier stocking
+ Easier selection
+ Easier bulk dispensing

Key Takeaways

Eliminates the need for single-use plastics and wasteful packaging

Vessels are sanitized, reused and delivered right to your store with less labour needed

Shrink Reduction:
Less spills, no misplaced product and pest and infestation-resistant vessels means less wasted product



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Production and logistics 

Our products from manufacturing sites in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are distributed throughout Europe.

Global infrastructure

Having infrastructure and capacity throughout multiple sites, we utilise our global knowledge in all areas of retail.

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