Charity breakfast

We enjoy our breakfast at Eden and we regularly work with local charities. Today we combined both!

It was our first “Breakfast for Charity” buying 150 special cakes from Blansko, a regional charity that works in our community. This will become a regular, monthly breakfast for all our colleagues here.

This month the proceeds will go to Asylum House for Mothers with Children, based in Blansko. They do great work providing accommodation, support and assistance to homeless mothers in crisis. Experienced professionals help them to overcome the problems they face so they can create a harmonious and stable environment for their children.

What’s more it’s an educational experience for all of us – the charities involved take part to tell us more about their activities, so we get more insight into the work they do.

We’re proud to be the first local business to instigate this idea and we hope more will follow. After all, everyone needs a good breakfast!