Traditional breakfast to support the activities of the Regional Charity Blansko CZ

Eden is one of the leading manufacturers of store shelving systems, but that’s not all. We can also offer creative solutions for shop fitting. To put it simply: we like to do things differently. And that’s one of the reasons why we help local organizations, projects, and services. One of the organizations we have chosen to support regularly is the Regional Charity Blansko, which is preparing the Breakfast for Caritas project. We are proud to be part of it. This time we had breakfast to support the services of the Charity Crisis Aid, which operates free of charge in the South Moravian Region.

What exactly does this service do?

  • Social therapeutic activities (e.g., crisis interview, training on how to handle difficult situations)
  • Help in exercising rights, legitimate interests and in taking care of personal matters
  • Assistance in handling social benefits
  • Support and assistance in negotiations with institutions, and authorities (enabling phone calls, escorting)
  • Help in writing and filling in receipts, forms and submitting them
  • Assistance in securing accommodation, in justified cases also arranging food aid
  • Help in finding contacts and important information
  • Basic social counselling (assisting authorities, institutions, and other related services)
  • Mediation of subsequent professional assistance (e.g., psychologist, lawyer, contacts to other institutions), not only within the Blansko Regional Charity
  • Provision of information (e.g., about social benefits), according to the individual needs of the user

A beautiful project thanks to which we help people in need and at the same time bond our work team together. We simply combined the pleasant with the useful. Do you like this idea too? Then don’t hesitate to contact a charity in your region. It’s worth it.


The manufacturer of shelving systems and creative solutions for store equipment helps in its region
The manufacturer of shelving systems and creative solutions for store equipment helps in its region