Barrows Global  

A partnership with Barrows Global to launch a new Nestle home cooking brand, MezEast

Launched exclusively with Tesco UK, Eden developed, manufactured and installed across 331stores. 


Barrows Global approached Eden in the early concept stages of the project and needed a realisation partner to validate , develop, manufacture and install the design.

Creating standout within supermarket retail is a challenge faced by many brands. This project confronts traditional shelving product presentation by creating a self contained, branded space with integral communication and brand colour.

Integration of digital communications was required on a range of the displays.


Working directly from the concept visuals, we created a 1:1 card model which, when sited into Tesco’s R&D centre, helped with validation of the general concept at speed, prior to full prototype creation.

This volume study enabled confidence for key stakeholders in:

Verifying the aesthetic performance – Barrows Global

Enabling brand integrity and merchandise planning – Nestlé

Overarching communication of the project scope – Tesco 

Through design development, we created a flexible, modular structure designed to be placed onto Tesco’s nine variations of gondola furniture. 

Quality of hardware and graphics meeting the premium standard of the Nestlé brand.


Eden were awarded this project which enabled installation of 331 locations, utilising 11 installation teams, visiting 6 locations per night over a 5 day period.

We provided a faithful representation of the initial design intent provided by Barrows Global.