Recently acquired by EG Group, Zuber & Mohsin Issa (Brothers), & TDR Capital in 2021. ASDA are currently ranked as the 3rd largest UK supermarket chain.

Primarily with large format superstores and supermarkets and currently no convenience store offering. 

The average Asda superstore is 60,000 sq. ft. with a new strategic focus on instore shopper exploration, partnership with brands (Decathlon, The Entertainer, B&Q).​


Asda identified an opportunity to refresh their produce displays and incorporate a strong sustainability message for their shoppers.

Fresh produce has enjoyed enhanced sales and exponential growth period during COVID as a result of shoppers changing lifestyles and home food preparation.

The fresh produce category should demonstrate a new and engaging look and feel to attract new shoppers, delivering to their sustainability agenda and increasing footfall.


Our design team’s knowledge, experience and expertise was engaged to create fixtures which are both functional and visually appealing.

The fixtures design, features the capability for easy material separation at end of life, providing a closed-loop solution.

This was achieved using FSC accredited real soft wood materials that provide both a tactile look and feel whilst ensuring a natural and sustainable specification.

Communication with natural wood finishes, helped provide a point of difference to other categories within the store.

Chiller cabinet fascia’s, mid floor gondolas and scales towers.

A prototype test store in Middleton, ensured proof of concept validation prior to full design engineering. 

Design, manufacture and installation across the Asda estate.


Full produce department rollout to 23 stores in 2021. As a result of increased sales and positive customer feedback, this will lead to a further investment of 20 stores in 2022.