Sustainability policy statement

Eden, a trading division of the Marmon Group Limited, partners with retailers and brands to design, manufacture and install quality retail merchandising and display systems that engage customers and drive sales.


As a leading provider of smart solutions, we leverage our expertise and deep industry experience to create unique, versatile solutions for the ever-changing challenges presented by the complex retail environment.


Eden recognise the importance of sustainable development and will work with our customers to ensure that our projects meet their sustainability requirements.



Eden are committed to continually looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and working to prevent pollution. We pay particular attention to waste minimisation and resource efficiency and ensure that we use sustainable materials where feasible. We take the UN’s sustainability goals to reduce the amount of carbon emitted very seriously. We are looking at ways to minimise our carbon emissions in line with our Environmental Policy/Management System.



Eden are committed to providing a safe working environment that focusses on the prevention of injury and ill health. We believe that everyone has a role to play in creating a safe working environment for themselves, those they work with and also ensuring that the public are not endangered by any of our activities. Eden are proud to be members of Sedex which enables us to manage social and environmental performance, and protect people working in the supply chain.


Eden recognise the value of our employees and work with them to develop their potential and increase their competence through regular training. Where possible, we recruit our staff to support the local economy.



Eden work to ensure that we interact positively with the communities in which we operate. Effective communication is important so that all those who work for us or on our behalf are aware of their responsibilities to ensure a high standard of environmental and community care is maintained.



Eden ensures our materials are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way.  We engage with a carefully selected supply chain who are expected to comply with our rigorous standards of responsible sourcing and share our sustainability objectives.


By working closely with our chosen suppliers to promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain, our customers in turn can be confident in sourcing responsibly.