Welcome to our new website!

All businesses are constantly developing and evolving and ours is no exception.

That’s just one of the reasons we’ve decided it was time for a shiny new online presence that reflects where we are today and supports our long-term growth strategy.

Previously, we had separate sites for Eden UK and Eden Europe. But the reality is that we are one company and one brand operating across the UK and mainland Europe as part of Marmon’s global Retail Solutions Sector.

What’s more, we wanted to reinforce our full range of services and our end-to-end, solutions provider offer.

It’s also to show to our customers how we can bring together a mix of materials and manufacturing methods together to create fixtures, displays and point-of-sale that are driven by your needs.

And watch this space – we’ll be updating this section to bring you the latest, news, insights and what might be on the horizon in the world of retail.