Deal or no deal?

Deal or no deal?

Regardless of where you stand on Brexit, your business is likely to be affected by it.

And if you’re importing from the EU and further afield, it’s doubtful that “business-as-usual” will continue.

Deal or no deal, frictionless trade with the EU will no longer exist in 79 days’ time.

Add to that the effect of COVID-19 on shipping from the far east and a resulting shortage of haulage drivers, and it would be easy to become pessimistic about the whole thing.

But as a business that manufactures in both the UK and mainland Europe, we remain positive, knowing we can continue to serve our customers in both markets, largely unaffected by whatever Brexit brings our way.

And, as part of an international organisation, we have a wide-angle view on many of the challenges for global procurement and what we can do to meet them…

Brexit risk assessments

By some estimates only 38% of UK businesses have completed one of these. It’s true that there are still many unknowns, but it really does help to concentrate the mind and identify where you can focus your efforts. We are constantly updating ours and we’d be happy to concentrate how we’ve tackled it and what we’ve learnt.

Online Brexit tools

We’ve tried a few of these and many look like an excuse to get your email address. The most independent is at the Government’s Check, Change, Go initiative and questionnaire to help businesses prepare. It can feel at times like being sucked into a wormhole with so many offshoots and links to documents, but the language is clear and precise. It also helps that it’s constantly updated.

Shipping agents

Maybe your new best friend? We’ve worked with many of the leading agents and they can be a useful source of information, providing regular updates and topical advice. Don’t be surprised to see phrases like “unprecedented operational issues” and the message comes across loud and clear that we can expect things to get even more challenging. Our view is that all information is good and that forewarned is forearmed. We’ve found it useful to plan ahead and understand where the pain points might be (and how best to avoid them).

Maybe Kent will end up as a car park in January, maybe not. Either way there are things you can do right now to maintain continuity of supply and we will always be happy to help where we can.

Please get in touch if you need advice or guidance.

We wish all our customers well in these uncertain times and are determined to keep looking to the future with a glass half full!