Corporate social responsibility  

We know that our future is dependent on the future of the planet.

So the actions we’re taking today are laying the foundations for a sustainable business and a better environment for those that come after us.

It starts with our local communities, where we’re fully engaged.

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In Adamov we have contributed to a bio-corridor in the town and relaxation zones in the local park as well as...


Changing our building plans to ensure nesting Martins could continue to raise their offspring

filtrace z lakovny1.jpg

Investing in modern odour-eliminating technology for our paint-line


Bringing the area to life with painting from the local children’s art club!


Using heat generated from our paint-line to heat water on our premises, reducing energy

And in Hirwaun...


Installing a 100,000 litre tank to store rainwater which we use in the factory


Switching to reusable glass milk bottles to reduce plastic waste


Ensuring steel suppliers collect and  re-use pallets, resulting in an estimated 20 tons of waste diverted from landfill annually


Installing photosensitive switches for lighting to reduce energy use

We are continually exploring new ways to reduce our energy dependency and environmental impact. Here are just a few of the steps we’ve taken…

  • We meet the strictest emissions limits and stay below one tenth of current legal levels.

  • We sort waste from all production areas, re-using and recycling where possible.

  • For product packaging we use special stretch foils, which are higher strength and reduce waste as well as producing lower CO2 emissions in their manufacture.

  • We advocate “paperless and zero plastic waste”. We try to avoid the unnecessary printing of documents and, where possible, keep them only in electronic form. If we cannot avoid printing, we only use recycled paper.

  • We support the reduction of plastics within the company. To prevent the unnecessary use of PET bottles, we have installed a system with high quality filtered drinking water.

  • We also think about our ecological footprint with regards to transport. That is why our products go to European customers direct. In this way we avoid the unnecessary production of emissions and other pollutants arising from transport to distant locations. In addition, we have started to use electrical vehicles.

We are members of Sedex, helping to improve working conditions in global supply chains.